Boyceball Baseball Training
Joe Boyce




Thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you. I can’t tell you how awesome it was. The manner in which you took the time to talk to, encourage, and reassure Tyler was phenomenal. I had high hopes going into the session but the results we saw in the short time we spent with you was far beyond what I expected. Tyler was throwing further, faster, and more accurate than he ever had before and the “lazy swing”, as I had always called it, disappeared. The sound of his bat hitting the ball and the speed in which he could swing after you showed him how was impressive. I could tell that Tyler saw it too. His smile and excitement was plain to see, he just couldn’t hide it. Afterwards Tyler praised Joe for his knowledge and that he talked in a way the he could really understand. An endorsement like that from a 14 year old is a real testament to Joe’s excellence. I hope to get Tyler in to see him again very soon to help solidify what he learned. I’m also hoping to send a bunch of the boys from Tyler’s team his way.


Summer Baseball

Hi Joe,


Didn't get a chance to say thank you yesterday after the last game. We appreciate all you did for the team this year, and especially in boosting their confidence in themselves, support of each other as teammates and enjoyment of the game of baseball. This was one of our son's favorite seasons, and we attribute that to your leadership as coach. Thanks also for the opportunity for our son to work the mound this season, it really helped his confidence and he worked hard to improve and contribute. I know he will continue to work hard in the future after seeing improvement this summer. Hope to see you around, enjoy the rest of the summer!



Hey Joe,


Just wanted to drop you a little note about how our son, 13U, did after training with you. Before Boyce: 9 for 47 or 0.191 After Boyce: 13 for 29 or 0.448 I think that says it all. Thanks so much for the help. It made his season so much more enjoyable for him. He went from batting near the bottom of the order to batting 4th at the end of the year. We are looking forward to a bunch of sessions over the winter and next spring.


Thanks again




Congratulations to Ryan Dainty who played for the Metro East Lion's All-Star team. Ryan is the first Blaine Bengal selected since 2003 and the thirteenth in school history. The Lion's All-Star Series featured the best players in the state of Minnesota and was played June 24-26th in Chaska, Minnesota. Ryan went 3 for 5 during the weekend with a single, double, home run and 5 RBI. Ryan's dedication to his off season training played a major role in his success as a senior at Blaine High School. His countless hours of repitition in both the batting cage and soft toss tunnels combined with strength, speed and core training were all reasons why Ryan enjoyed a great season for the Blaine Bengals.


Alex Wilkey 2010 Coon Rapids 11 yr old all star (HR trot)


From my perspective the training that helped them the most was hitting and fielding. Your attention to detail and one on one coaching ensures all reps are value added reps. It's the difference between productive practice and non-productive practice. I tell Alex and other kids I have coached to practice like a champion. Training with you is an integral part of that.

Hitting - the way you break down the swing into steps (hands, step, turn, finish) makes it easy for the kids to learn and retain the essential parts of a solid baseball swing. In addition, the different hitting stations (balance beam, tee work with and without resistance, soft toss, live hitting) provide the necessary reps in different settings to reinforce and set the muscle memory so the kids just naturally swing in the proper fashion.

Fielding - again breaking down the essential functions of proper fielding into steps (body position, glove position, hand position, elbow up to throw, foot work) makes it easier for the kids to learn. By incorporating a number of different fielding drills, the kids stay focused, have fun and learn how to become better ball players.

Finally, your positive attitude and demeanor with the kids makes the sessions fun, and increases the players confidence.